How to be motivated when you're feeling stuck

How To Be Motivated when you're feeling stuck

September 10, 2019 1 Comment

We’ve probably have been here before. In my case, plenty of times. I have always been a motivated person, but there are times where I feel completely lost. Especially after I graduated from college, I thought I was going to write for magazines and move to Los Angeles to get my foot in the Fashion industry. Whatever plan you may have had, life takes you in a different direction for the better. 

Here are some simple tips to help you get through your funk. 

+ Do You 

I’m a visual person. I like creating “Goal Boards” and writing everything in detail on what I want to achieve in my career. Try it out for yourself! Log on to Pinterest and go nuts. Pin your dream job/position or how much money you want to earn a year. You’ll see visually who you are as a person, and you’ll be motivated to work towards your dream. 

+ Small Steps Come a Long Way

I have a bad habit of being hard on myself because I didn’t accomplish something “big” every day. But it’s pretty cool to look back on how much Turquoise Collective has grown in the past 2 years. Doing at least one thing a day can help you take a step closer to what you want. Whether it’s sending out an email, starting a project, or even contacting someone in your career.

 You know how the saying goes, keep moving forward. 

+ Find a Mentor

My parents are my mentors, they both have entrepreneurial spirits and I go to them every time I have an idea or need advice. 

Is there someone who inspires you? 

Reach out to them! Send them an email with some specific questions about their career and the steps they took to get there. 

If there’s no one who comes to mind that inspires you, check out some motivational Podcasts, TED Talks, or Youtube videos. 

+ Learn Something New

I have a list of things I want to learn (Adobe illustrator, Youtube Editing, Etc.) and I’m excited to start! These skills can be related to your work, and it could be refreshing for your current work schedule. 

Heck, it can even be a hobby. Adding something new and refreshing to your life will keep to motivated to continue your education and skills.

It’s okay to feel stuck. I believe this part of the journey to becoming our best selves. We might see on Social Media how happy someone is, but Social Media is not real life. 

Life is fun, it’s messy, it has its ups and downs. Once we accept how we feel about the current state of our work. We realize that it’s time for a change.

So tell me, what’s your current job? And what’s your dream job?

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Beatriz Roman
Beatriz Roman

September 12, 2019

I am currently an interior designer, which also happens to be my dream job! BUT i have other dreams as well, one of the top ones is to be on broadway :)

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