The Dos and Don’ts of shopping

The Dos and Don'ts Of Shopping

September 17, 2019

Have you ever had a full closet with nothing to wear? and then you ask yourself, “How does this happen?”

Shopping from sustainable brands and clothing can get pricey. But, there are some ways where you can still contribute your part of being a conscious shopper. 

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of shopping.


+ Think Longevity - When you find a clothing piece that catches your eye, think about the number of times you’ll wear it. The goal is to wear it more than 10 times with the proper care. 

Why? Consider cost per wear. I talk about it a bit in this blog here

+ Buy if you love it - If you’re ever in the fitting room and try on items that are “eh, just ok” put it away. 

Why? If you don’t love it in the fitting room, you’re not gonna love it in your closet. Simple as that. Not only will you save money, you’ll also save some space in your closet for something special. 

+ Buy Staples - Staple Pieces are your basics (white tee shirts, camisoles, a great pair of jeans, etc.) When you buy staples, this will help minimize your time getting ready in the morning. 

Why? When you have a great collection of staple pieces, you can easily put together an outfit without the fuss of finding something to pair it with. Easily grab a statement piece with a stable item. 

+ Quality Over Quantity -This is a big one, I always try to consider the quality of my garments. 

 Here’s an example. 

One pair of great quality jeans that cost $100 > 5 pairs of poor quality jeans that cost $20. 

Why? When you buy quality, you are being less wasteful than when you buy low quality garments that fall apart that end up in landfills. 


+ Buy impulsively -Usually, impulsive buying end up being stuff that we don’t need and excites us at the moment. There is a difference between buying something you absolutely love and buying things impulsively. 

Consider This - Carry the item around the store or wait a few minutes to truly think about before finalizing to purchase. 

+ For Price - Ever been to a store and saw an item that was “Only $5” and it ended up in the back of your closet? Yeah, me too. 

Consider This: Be mindful when it comes to buying for price. We all love a great deal, if it’s absolutely something that you know you’ll love and wear, then go for it. Otherwise, save your $5 on something else. 

+ Fast Trends - This is the dark side of the Fashion industry. When you follow fast trends, you aren’t really curating your own personal style. You’re just following what the industry is telling you to buy. Now if there’s a trend that reallllllllly speaks to you, so be it. 

Consider This - Buy less fast trends and buy what is personal and expresses you. 

+ Phoney Sales- The malls are great about doing this, especially outlet malls. When there’s a promotion that says 60% off with an additional 10% off… you aren't really saving much or anything at all. Malls have insane markups which allow them to have these kinds of “sales” and give you the illusion on “how much you are saving.” 

Consider This - Consider the quality and the cost of what it really took to make that particular item.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Penny your thoughts down below! 

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