The Lover Of Lume Package

Turquoise Collective

Luminosity out of this world is only light years away for the happy-glow-lucky ones. Keep it going all year long with regular top-ups from oh, to Glow fan fave.

We believe that a beautiful, natural year-round tan and supple, hydrated skin never goes out of style. For celestial seekers across the galaxy, the staple long-wear deep tanning mousse, Eclipse, is complemented only by the nourishing gradual tanning moisturizer, Glow. For a buttery-smooth application, the velvety tanning mitt allows the product to glide over the skin.

Glow: The perfect day-to-day beauty staple, The Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is ideal for those that are new to self-tan, or those who want to keep a gentle glow on-the-go. Keep this on your bathroom shelf and slather it on after the shower for happy glowy skin every day, complete with a subtle tan that builds slowly.

Eclipse: For the impatient seeker of bronze, Eclipse Tanning Mousse will sink instantly into the skin to develop a deep rich golden tan. The color profile is olive based, which means it carries no orange hues and is the darkest, just like a full Eclipse.

Tanning Mitt: A gorgeous, even glow is within your mitts with the super soft Tanning Mitt. Made from premium material, and featuring a thumb grip for extra control during application. Get your mitts all over beauty, simplified.